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cilento-coast-palinuroThe Cilento coast is a stretch of  unspoilt coast in the province of Salerno just 2 hours south of Naples. Palinuro is named after the faithful helmsman of Aeneas, narrated by Virgil in the fifth book of the Aeneid. Palinuro, who had left the Libyan coast with the whole army, fell asleep during the journey and fell into the sea. After three days, at the mercy of the Noto (Mediterranean wind) he landed on the Cilento coast where he was devoured by the local Lucanians. A curse fell on them and in order to break the spell, they consulted an oracle who advised them to erect an altar where they would sacrifice a goat. From which the place took the name of Torre del Capro (Goat Tower) which then changed into Caprioli.

The funeral monument erected by the Lucanians passed to history as the Cenotaph (literally empty tomb) and since then, the area of ​​the promontory on which it was built has been called Capo Palinuro.


The Cenotaph of Palinuro has been declared an archaeological treasure of exceptional interest.

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