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Through March 3rd, 2019, the photography exhibit entitled “Lisetta Carmi. The Beauty of Truth” will be on display at the Trastevere Museum in Rome, located in the heart of the famous Roman district. And indeed, the photographer is able to capture the nuances and facets of various realities in all their crudeness.

rome-trastevere-museum-lisetta-carmi-photographyThe photos range from Latin America, to Afghanistan, to India and Israel- so geographically distant and different. Then returning to Genoa in Italy after the war, and in Sicily where the shots focus on people’s faces marked by time, emotions and looks that conceal details of an entire life.

A section is dedicated to transvestites, their experience, their marginal figure deliberately ignored, a reflection of that eroticism spent without limits in shabby hotel rooms. On the upper floor, a room is dedicated to childbirth. The photographic lens, placed frontally, resumes and conveys the pain of childbirth, but also the wonder of new life.

rome-trastevere-photography-lisetta-carmiThe exhibition about Lisetta Carmi allows the observer to participate in a way that transmits the sensations that led the photographer to capture a moment in time. As she beautifully states:

“A photograph has never existed in my mind before shooting: I see what’s there, vibrating with what’s there, I love what’s there, I get excited when I see what’s there.”

“I come from a special family that photographed in distant times and transmitted to me in silence the desire to understand, the desire to fix the world in which we live with images .”


More information is available on the museum’s official website


Opening hours:

From Tuesday to Sunday: 10.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m.
Closed Monday, December 25th and January 1st.
The ticket office closes one hour before closing time.



Free entrance with MIC Card and other categories specified in the regulation

Non-residents: €8,50

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