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In the lovely city of Bologna, comes a photographic exhibition that will touch the hearts of women of all ages, and for that matter, not just those of women. National Geographic’s “Women. A Changing World” will be showcased at the Santa Maria della Vita (part of the Bononiae Museums) through May 17, 2020.


Some of the greatest photographers in the world have been able to capture these amazing shots of women throughout the globe. The photos span over almost a 100-year timeframe and demonstrate how the lives of women have changed over this revolutionary time in history. As visitors will see as evidenced in the photos, in various parts of the world, the challenging conditions and inequality women face are still very pronounced.

The exhibition is divided into six sections entitled: Beauty, Joy, Love, Wisdom, Strength, and Hope. The colorful images of dancers in South America contrast with the horrific conditions of others less fortunate. Beauty is portrayed within the cultural context, yet visitors will recognize the common threads of both external beauty and strength.

The images were first published in 2019 in a special edition of the magazine entitled “Women: A Century of Change” in honor of the 100-year anniversary of women’s right to vote in the United States. Portraits include iconic women from around the world from political activists to scientists to celebrities.

Museum Info

February 15, 2020- May 17, 2020

Santa Maria della Vita, via Clavature 8-10, Bologna


Closed Mondays

Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm

Tickets: 12 euro full price

More details are available on the museum’s official website.