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During summer, the Pink Wednesdays are for Reggio Emilia one of the most exciting leisure moments, after “Festa de l’Unità” (annual social-democratic celebration in Italy). I have been living in Reggio for more than a year and, trust me, in this period the city is very lively! It seems like a bear awakening from hibernation and starting to live again.

The Pink Wednesdays is a festival that takes place every summer and it lasts for six Wednesdays between June and July. There are many actvities organised: concerts, events for children, dance shows, dramas and circus performances in 30 different locations  in the old town. During the event, all the cafés and shops of the town will stay opened, giving the chance to shop and relax, before going back home, to those who had no free time during the day.
Those who love this kind of events can have a walk in the town during these days and a festive and carefree atmosphere will makes them forget that the day after is a working day! For this reason, the best thing to do is beginning your night of fun at 7 pm, during the happy hourYou can start to relax and enjoy the festive atmosphere, by tasting cured meets served on a cutting board and fried gnocchi accompanied by a good glass of local Lambrusco wine, to give your evening a sparkling touch.
After our aperitif with bubbles, it’s time for music!

Starting from 9 pm, there are different concerts of different musical genres located in all the squares of the town, also the secondary ones. From rock to reggaeton, from jazz to African-American music, from pop to acustic music and dj set with commercial music.

The locations make this event even more fascinating and evocative, for example the romantic Piazza Fontanesi, a tree-lined square with many linden trees and surrounded by porticos. It is the usual place where the youngest hang out during the weekend, but on the Pink Wednesdays is cowded with people of all ages. Also Chiostro della Ghiara is a fascinating place: it is a student hostel which has a coffee bar in its cloister and the coffee bar is often the location for cultural events and performances. It’s the perfect place for a more intimate pop-rock concert.

The Pink Wednesdays offer activities for all ages. The great Piazza della Vittoria turns into an open air area with fun activities for children. Its vast size makes it perfect for games and activities for children. Among them, there are team games and sports. This year , in a area of the square, there is also a basketball field for small competitions.
Among the most interesting and even more popular activities in the field of pet therapy, there is the initiative “City for donkeys”, that turns the square into a wonderful place where children gather and meet some beautiful and sweet donkeys. It’s a very sensitive initiative, because it puts children and people in contact with these amazing and kind animals, through walks and other activities of interaction. At the end of the initiative, children will receive a six paws friendship certification.

The Pink Wednesdays are also a solidarity event and everybody is involved. Those who have dogs can take a picture of their four-legged friend and donate the proceeds to the shelter of the city.

Wandering around the town, the noisy hubbub of hundreds of people chatting, singing and having fun cause cheerfulness and carefreeness. By taking part to this event, you can easily understand why it is a regional attraction, not only because it offers a leisure time to the citizens and gives the chance to the shopkeepers to promote their activities, but because it represents an important moment of sharing and gathering, harmonized by a very good background music under the stars.