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Summer automatically makes you think of the beach, and although Italy offers a huge range of choices, Ponza and its archipelago are definitely at the top of the list. Located just a few miles off the Latium coast, these islands are like little gems. Ponza is the largest island of this archipelago, well connected by ferries, and it is a perfect getaway, even for a short stay, to escape from the daily routine.

The island is a historical asset characterized by Roman and Etruscan structures and art, showing the different dominations throughout the centuries. However, what truly stands out is the beauty of the sea. Ponza offers its guests unforgettable views and coves, perfect for a romantic getaway. Surely, the best way to appreciate it is by renting a boat to visit the various beaches independently. However, even without a boat, if you don’t get discouraged by the sometimes difficult connections, you can still reach many enchanting spots.

The natural pools are a good example: leaving the harbor, trek to the highest part of the island, and then, in the “le Forna” area, take the path with a truly breathtaking sea view. From here, enjoy the spectacular sunset. It is not the classic sandy beach, but rather a bay that the sea and the passing of time have carved into the rock, forming caverns, gulfs, and stone bridges, and where the water shimmers in its unforgettable green-blue color.


Ponza is an inhabited island which means that in the evenings there are many things to do. Stroll along and enjoy the great restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy the catch of the day, or taste local specialties like bitter liquors with unusual ingredients such as prickly pears or basil!

And should Ponza not be enough, you can also go exploring around the other islands! The tour lasts a whole day, with lunch on board, and you have the opportunity to see the most breathtaking places of Ponza and Palmarola from the sea, while the captain explains the history of the islands and entertains the passengers with curiosities and legends. However, the most beautiful part of the day is when the boat stops in the middle of the sea, allowing you to take a dive in the crystal clear, turquoise waters. An experience unlike any other!

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