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punta-aderci-beachThe paradise that we often imagine on our most stressful days really does exist! It’s not very far out of reach in the Abruzzo region.

The beauty of its coast is already quite well known, but there is a rugged, wild stretch that continues to amaze even those who know these places well. I am referring to the Punta Aderci Reserve, in the Vasto area; a protected natural area that extends for five kilometers of coastline and is dotted with several sandy and pebbly beaches, one more beautiful than the next.

The route begins with Punta Penna beach, followed by Libertini, Punta Aderci, and then, finally, the long stretch of Mottagrossa that is the grand finale of panoramas that take your breath away. Mottagrossa beach was named among the 15 most beautiful beaches in Italy in 2017 by Skyscanner, a portal dedicated to travel.

Its waters, the cleanliness of the beaches, the surrounding landscapes, and of course, the positive reviews of satisfied visitors, put it in the top 15.

The whole coastline of Mottagrossa is flanked by an elevated path, about 20 meters high, which can be followed on foot or by bicycle to explore the pine forests, valleys, and Mediterranean scrub.

aderci-puntaIn addition to hiking trails on foot or by mountain bike, there is the alternative of canoeing. Off the coast, Stenella dolphins can easily be seen as well as the Halymenia floresia (considered the most beautiful red seaweed in the Mediterranean). The dunes and the river environment are also ideal for nature observation and birdwatching. In fact, many species of birds migrate here.

punta-aderci-beach-mottagrossaThere is one common denominator among this landscape of beaches and high cliffs: freedom and an almost total absence of contamination by man. Only the beach of Punta Penna is equipped with services such as showers, a drinking fountain, and bathrooms open to the public. In addition to renting single, double or triple canoes, there are also family versions and bike rentals.

The reserve is ready to welcome discrete guests who want to feast their eyes and feed their souls on indomitable beauty.

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