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During your trip to South-Eastern Sicily, there are numerous “free” beaches from which to choose. In fact, the town of Scicli in Ragusa province boasts a coastline of 18 km of fine, golden sand. The top beaches are Cava D’Aliga, Bruca, C. da Filippa, Sampieri, Donna Lucata, Plaia Grande, and the Natural Park of Costa di Carro. 


Bruca is one of the smallest seaside villages in the municipality of Scicli. It has about 300 residents and is located a short distance away from Cava d’Aliga, ideal for a quiet and relaxing holiday. The village was virtually unexplored by tourists until the 1970’s when it began to come to life. In the past two decades, it has been developed with various facilities and tourist accommodations.

The Ibleo coastline is one of the most famous seaside areas in Sicily. Amazing seaside resorts and fishing villages are lined up one after another along the coast, characterized by wide beaches of fine golden sand and a clear, clean sea.


The shallow, sandy seabed makes this area ideal for families with children. Yet the lively atmosphere is also ideal for young people who want to play beach volleyball, bocce ball, and even fish. The Mediterranean climate, mild and sunny during most of the year, makes this corner of Sicily a relaxing but lively holiday resort, thanks to the presence of restaurants and nightclubs located along the coast.

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