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Umbria is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy with many art cities and medieval villages. It is, without a doubt, a perfect holiday destination for all tastes and interests. During your week in Umbria, you’ll be able to visit places of great cultural interest, but also have unique experiences in the woods and nature.

The bed & breakfast is located on a small farm in Cerreto di Spoleto in “Valnerina” in a perfect location for visiting Norcia, Cascia, Spoleto, Assisi, Castelluccio etc.



Cost and Terms & Conditions

Apartment for 2 people= 330€
————-for 3 people= 480€
————-for 4 people= 620€
————-for 5 people= 720€

free up to age 3
 50% discount up to age 9
30% discount up to age 12 

Stay in a quaint room that includes a homemade breakfast, cheeses, and salami made on the farm itself. 

Valid from May 1, 2019 through July 15, 2019 and from September 1, 2019 through October 31, 2019.

No advanced booking required (subject to availability)

Use of the kitchen, fireplace and barbecue for grilled meats, with firewood and a comfortable swimming pool are included in the price.

You have the option of adding evening tastings with local products starting from € 15.00.

Payment Method: 30% deposit, balance due upon check-in on site.

How to Book: Read the final paragraph and complete the form below.

Cancellation Policy: the deposit will not be returned, but there is the possibility of applying it towards a future stay.

What to See and Do

Norcia is the birthplace of St. Benedict, home of the Black Truffle and of the art of Norcia. A very suggestive place that will undoubtedly captivate any tourist with its unique colors, aromas and flavors. In the main square you can visit the Church of San Benedetto, built above the birth house of the saint.
week-package-umbriaIn early summer, usually between the second half of June and early July, you’ll be able to witness the various flowers in bloom covering the hills (poppies, lentils, daisies)- a natural spectacle that attracts hundreds of tourists from all over the world every year.

Cascia is located in the most mountainous area of ​​Umbria and owes its importance to the sanctuary of Santa Rita. It is one of the most important spiritual centers of the region and a famous pilgrimage destination. The main attractions of the town are the Basilica Sanctuary and the Monastery of Santa Rita. If you’d rather be in the outdoors, you can also visit the Tazzo Forest which is a fantastic path lined with oak trees where you can find delicious porcini mushrooms in autumn.

Spoleto is a city that has witnessed innumerable historical eras which makes it a very interesting destination. Of the many sites, particularly famous is the Ponte delle Torri that joins the Rocca and Monteluco. Dominating the city is the majestic fortress Rocca Albornoziana; the fortress bore witness to the rise and fall of popes and governors throughout the ages. It is bordered by high walls that alternate with six towers. The fortress is a symbol of the city and is divided into two distinct areas: the Cortile d’Onore and the Cortile delle Armi.

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Definitely one of the highlights of all of central Italy is the famous Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. The Basilica is divided into two parts: the upper church and the lower church. In the latter, you can admire the magnificent frescoes by Giotto and his school as well as St. Francis’ tomb.


Other Attractions

If you love the outdoors and being in unison with nature, in addition to walks in the woods you can also enjoy horseback riding, hiking, mountain-biking, river rafting, air sports, off-road, quad and enduro dirt biking. Umbria is truly a region of a thousand resources that will never disappoint!

norcia-salami-umbria-packageDo not underestimate Umbria’s fine cuisine. Gourmets will have an infinite number of local dishes to taste. Umbria is above all famous for its local salami with the most renowned from Norcia. If you prefer sweets, the roccia is a must-try puff pastry with a sugary apple-walnut filling from Assisi. 



How to Book 

If you wish to purchase this package for your weekend in Umbria, fill in the contact form below including your mobile number. Otherwise we will reply by e-mail. Or if you need to communicate special needs, do not hesitate to e-mail us at and we will strive to meet all your needs!
Alternatively, you can always contact us on our Facebook page, we respond quickly!


una settimana in umbria dooid

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