Rio Marina on Elba Island off the Coast of Tuscany

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Traveling not only leads us to explore new places never seen before, but it also helps us to discover the endless possibilities of visiting already known places. Elba, the largest island in the Tuscan archipelago, is reachable by ferry from Piombino (Livorno). Known for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear, blue water, Elba is gorgeous year-round.

Rio Marina is on the eastern part of the island. Considered the least contaminated and most authentic, Rio Marina definitely has fewer tourists. You can discover the infinite mineral, historical and cultural riches of the land where Napoleon Bonaparte chose to spend his exile after the ruinous Battle of Leipzig (1813), which began in May 1814 and lasted ten months. The eastern area of Elba is home to hematite deposits which represented one of the greatest iron reserves in the ancient Mediterranean. Its presence, along with other minerals like pyrite, are the reason for the unique, reddish tinted earth and sand.


The woods that overlook the sea offer breathtaking views and unique beauty in the summer as well as in the autumn.

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