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The Val di Non (or the Non Valley) is in the province of Trento and is sometimes called the Val di Noce. Bordered by the Maddalene mountain range to the north and the Brenta Dolomites to the south, this valley is full of quaint villages and picturesque lakes and scenery. This is the place for adventurers and nature lovers and today we’ll be exploring the spectacular Canyon Rio Sass.

Canyon Rio Sass

Numerous canyons have been carved out throughout the valley but experts agree that the Rio Sass has something extra special. It has only been accessible since 2001 when ladders and walkways were added. It splits the town of Fondo in two!

You’ll be accompanied by an expert guide 50 meters down below ground level in total safety. It’s 1,200 steps and 1.2 km of sheer thrill. Stalactites and stalagmites, waterfalls, and steep gorges will have you in complete awe. With every step, you’ll witness the colors changing in a continuous dance of light refraction. Red and green algae enhance the color effect almost seeming like bursting flames.


It may not sound like it, but this canyon is safe for children (older than 3) and all the necessary equipment is included in your ticket price.

The canyon is open from April through November and a reservation is required for the 2-hour excursion. The Canyon Rio Sass official website is in Italian only but the Pro Loco website has an English description.

Other beautiful sights in the area include the Smeralda Lake and the town of Fondo itself.


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