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Riviera Romagnola: All-Inclusive Package in Cervia

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The Adriatic coastline known as the Riviera Romagnola is made up of dozens and dozens of kilometers of bathing establishments and cities that thrive on summer tourism. Tourists who visit the area (mostly families and young people) can expect a warm, cordial welcome from the Romagnoli- the locals. The beautiful sea and an exceptional food and wine culture makes this a holiday destination with a thousand possibilities. Cervia, Milano Marittima, Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica and others offer kilometers and kilometers of equipped beaches.


Cost and Terms & Conditions
for your Riviera Romagnola holiday

From May 18- June 1 and from September 1- September 15=  50.00€
From June 1- June 15= 56.00€
From July 28- August 4= 70.00€

Included in the price:

  • chaise lounges
  • beach umbrella
  • beach cabana
  • water and wine with meals
  • bikes
  • parking

The offer is available during the above dates for a minimum of a 5-night stay and it is all-inclusive.
On Thursday evenings, there is also the possibility of having a romantic, candlelight dinner.

riviera romagnola dooidPayment method: 50 euro deposit required at booking and balance due at check-in.

How to book: read the final paragraph and fill out the form below.

Cancellation policy: free cancellation if at least 30 days prior to check in date.

What to Do and See

riviera-romagnola-packageCervia is an ancient salt city and the old Magazzini del Sale still stands and serves as a museum and exhibit hall. A beautiful mosaic fountain known as Il Tappeto Sospeso (the floating carpet) can also be found there. In Rimini, you can admire the ancient paths traced by the Romans, the defensive structures of medieval lords and buildings of the Renaissance.

La Salina Camillone is the only surviving salt mine which is still in operation thanks to the volunteers from a local cultural association. It still produces salt of the highest quality. The Artemia Salina, a small red crustacean, can be found in the waters of the Salina and is very important for salt production because it feeds on algae and debris hence purifying the waters. This small animal is also a fundamental link in the food chain; it’s a prized catch for birds such as the flamingo, ducks and the Black-winged Stilt.

Cervia’s pine forest is part of the Po’ Delta Regional Park which extends over 210 hectares. Today it represents a heritage of considerable naturalistic interest thanks to its highly variegated ecosystem and has become a destination of excellence in the environmental tourism sector.
Nature enthusiasts will enjoy the dense network of trails for relaxing walks and diversified activities in a pristine environment.
Sportsmen can enjoy running tracks and outdoor “gyms” with exercise equipment.

For the gourmets, the cuisine of the region is exceptional with homemade pasta dishes, sweet cardo of Cervia as well as the world-renowned San Giovese wine.

romagnola-riviera-pacchettoHow to Book

If you’d like to find out more about booking your Riviera Romagnola holiday, fill out the contact form below. Make sure to include your mobile number if you’d like to be contacted by phone, otherwise we will reply by e-mail. Or if you need to communicate special needs, do not hesitate to email us at and we will strive to meet all your needs!
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