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It was 2015, a group of people from Cesena decide to organize an epic event to see in their town: a Foo Fighters concert. To realize their dream, they need four miracles: find a thousand musicians, make them play at the same time in the greatest live concert ever, put together the money to make it real and finally bring the Foo Fighter to Cesena.

The miracle is done and the largest group in the world is born: the Rockin’1000!

The 1000 will perform at the foot of Mont Blanc with a super rock program!

28/07 the 1000 will perform around a big unplugged fire. Everyone can join! The performace will become a new video!

29/07 At sunset the 1000 will play three medleys, a concentrate of over 15 unforgettable tracks! Following that, RadioDeeJay set will play for a performance of 100% Rock!

“Rock is the thing that makes the leg strike, contest the authorities, find the strength to declare their feelings, meet new people and situations” (quot. by )