Rosolina Mare in the Veneto Region: Sea, Sport, and Tranquility

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A blue sea, sunny beaches, an unusual botanical garden, bird watching, biking, and much more await you at Rosolina Mare in northern Italy’s Veneto region. 

Fine, white sand beaches and bathing establishments are perfect for any type of tourist, including those traveling with their four-legged friends. There are plenty of hotels to satisfy every need as well as green and luxuriant campsites. But there are also apartments for rent, residences, villas with swimming pools, bed and breakfasts, pensions, and more.


Rosolina Mare is among the smallest beaches on the entire Adriatic coast. Over the years, the non-frenzy of over-building has allowed it to maintain a naturalistic aspect that distinguishes it from all the towns overlooking the sea. This means that you will never find it too crowded or chaotic here even at the peak of the summer season.

A dense pine forest develops along the main axis of the town, embracing it and purifying the air. To get there, you take a long road built between the mouth of the Adige river and the internal lagoons. And it is in these lagoons, partially used to raise fish and to cultivate the exquisite clams, that one begins to observe the splendid “green” and naturalistic aspect of Rosolina Mare. You will come across thousands of birds, from herons to cormorants, and again, oystercatchers, grebes, gulls, marsh harriers, and often, pink flamingos.

Rosolina welcomes its tourists with the classic welcoming roundabout so typical of Italian beach towns. From here, you can go in three directions.

The more “extreme” one on the left leads to “Casoni” and is right where the Adige river meets the sea. Free beaches, small lagoons, and a majestic steel watchtower 20 meters high with a fantastic view is what you’ll find here.

The central street will take you directly to the heart of Rosolina Mare with its tree-lined avenue, hotels, restaurants, clubs, and large piazza and beaches.

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The third exit on the right will take you along the woods along a trail leading you to the famous botanical garden. Part of the Po’ Delta Park, the Giardino Botanico Litoraneo di Rosolina Mare is a must-visit. For a mere 3.50 euro, you can completely immerse yourself in this unique natural environment. 

Established in the 1990s, it houses an infinite number of local flora and fauna species. Spread out over a 4 km route it is characterized by narrow paths in the pine forest and walkways suspended over the water. You will fall in love with this enchanting garden suspended between the lagoons and the sea. 

For the outdoorsmen and sports enthusiasts, not to despair, because Rosolina is a biker’s haven. You can easily travel for kilometers on well-paved cycling paths where cars never pass. These are the famous streets of the valleys, which branch off from Rosolina Mare to the island of Albarella. From here, you can always continue by bicycle to the Po Delta. Breathtaking views are the order of the day.

Rosolina mare shines from late spring to early autumn and really knows how to give its visitors a completely relaxing holiday.

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