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events-sacile-riverIn the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, not far from Pordenone, lies the city of Sacile. It’s known as the “Garden of the most Serene” for its splendid sixteenth century buildings that evoke Venice. Its enchanting reflection has been admired for hundreds of years in the waters of the river Livenza captivating all its on-lookers. Its bridges and picturesque alleys evoke an elegance from somewhere between the medieval, Renaissance and Baroque settings. Sacile makes itself known not only for its ecstatic views, but above all, for the cultural events of which it is patron.

events-sacileJust a few months after the successful XIII edition of the jazz festival, Sacile is already hosting another event: “Culture Week”, now in its eighth spring. The dates this year are from 9 to 29 April right in the heart of the city, and in some cases lasting until the end of May 2018. The program is full of theater, cabaret, poetry, cinema, music, photography, dance, magic, circus, antiques and modern art, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and guided tours. Organized by the Municipality of Sacile and by the Department of Culture, it is a national festival of diverse, inspiring events, celebrating the rich cultural activity of city associations. 

Visitors can enjoy concerts ranging from piano to Pink Floyd reviews. Another example of the vast itinerary is “Laughter Yoga – positive energy for the psycho-physical wellbeing”. As you can see, it is a multi-faceted event designed to engage everyone who visits.


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