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Salerno Light Festival: “Luci d’artista” Through January 2020

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“Luci d’artista” is the spectacular light festival set up in the squares and along the streets of Salerno. These mesmerizing and magical lights will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced for Christmas or otherwise!

From November 15, 2019, through the end of January 2020, thousands of citizens and tourists will fill the city streets to enjoy the season.


The Ferris Wheel

The 55-meter-high Ferris wheel in Piazza della Concordia will allow visitors a breathtaking view of the illuminated city from above. It will be equipped with 36 comfortable cabins with real leather seats and accessible to people with disabilities. It also features a VIP cabin furnished with walnut wood, leather seats, a TV, and a minibar. All booths are connected to an audio diffusion wire system and riders can remain “suspended” for 15-20 minutes.

Christmas Markets

You may have been to European Christmas markets before, but chances are you haven’t been to one on the sea. Right along Salerno’s waterfront, you can enjoy the renowned Christmas markets with the characteristic wooden chalets. And you won’t be able to miss the enormous Christmas tree in Piazza Portanova!


Music, Concerts and Dance

Salerno’s famous Teatro Verdi will be holding various concerts to celebrate the season. On Sunday, December 22nd at 7 pm, don’t miss the concert under the Christmas tree in Piazza Portanova. Then on December 25th at 11 am the Christmas Concert will be held with a choir and orchestra. On January 1st at 6.30 pm and again at 9.30 pm, don’t miss the New Year’s Concert with the “Giuseppe Verdi” Salerno Philharmonic. The opera La Boheme is also scheduled on December 23, 28, and 30.

Salerno is also the dance capital during the holidays thanks to the Starlight Dance School. On Sunday, December 22nd, Santa Claus will arrive by helicopter on the beach of Santa Teresa! This is definitely not something you’ll see anywhere else!

And if you’ll be in Salerno for New Year’s Eve, head to the central Piazza Amendola early for the Irene Grandi and Negrita concert along with fireworks.

On January 4th you can enjoy the “Waiting for the Epiphany” Caribbean dance performance in Piazza Portanova where the students of Starlight Dance will perform.

Yet another concert on January 5th to celebrate the Befana (Epiphany)! Everyone under the Christmas tree in Piazza Portanova for the show “Remember That Evening” with Claudio Tortora, Marcello Ferrante and the Orchestra of Polimusic.

Sand Nativity Scene

Through January 12, 2020, in via Alvarez (Promenade between Pasolini Theater and the beach of Santa Teresa), visitors can view the unbelievable sand Nativity.

One hundred and forty tons of sand were shaped by four international sculptors. They were asked to tell the story of the Nativity scene tradition in the Campania region including Salerno landmarks such as the Arechi Castle that stands out on the horizon behind the Magi.