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Located in the heart of Sardinia, Parco della Giara offers visitors a fascinating glimpse into the island’s history, nature, and culture.

Parco della Giara

Giara Park is a basaltic plateau of approximately 47 km², characterized by an uncontaminated landscape rich in wild flora and fauna. In fact, it is precisely here that the famous Cavallini della Giara are found. This wild Sardinian breed of horses is the symbol of the park.

In addition to horses, Giara is populated by various mammals, including wild boars, foxes, martens, hedgehogs, rabbits, hares, and wild cats. Visitors can also witness many species of birds such as hawks, partridges, storks, and black-winged stilts.
The park is home to more than 350 botanical species that comprise a unique ecosystem of woods, prairies, wetlands, and rocks.

parco della giara-paesaggio-sardegna

The park is the ideal place for visitors to enjoy breathtaking views along the foot trails, bike trails, and horse trails. The park’s expert guides will accompany you on the various trails throughout the park and provide visitors with lots of interesting information. Guides are available daily during two time slots but a reservation is required.

The Nurhag in Barumini- Su Nuraxi

Nine km from Giara Park, is the incredibly mysterious Su Nuraxi di Barumini, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This megalithic site dates back to 1,400 years BC and is considered the best-preserved Nuragic site in Sardinia. The site consists of a central tower approximately fifteen meters high and is surrounded by a village of huts and bastions. It offers a fascinating testimony to the Nuragic civilization, a people skilled in construction, agriculture, and fine craftsmanship. The site has a museum and a visitor center with guided tours.

parco della giara-barumini

Helpful Info:

Getting here: The park is easily reachable by car or bus from Cagliari, Oristano and Sassari.

When to go: Giara Park is open all year round, but the best time to visit is from April to October.

Entrance Fees: Tickets are required for the archaeological site of Barumini. Single and cumulative tickets are available for the site and the museum.

Tips: Wear comfortable shoes and bring food and water with you if you intend to go on any of the trails.

Website Links:

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