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Shall we dance under the stars of Galla Placidia

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Ravenna, Anno Domini 2018

We are in front of one of the most unique churches of Ravenna, the Basilica di San Francesco.

Ravenna-galla-placidiaIn this sacred place, religion and nature mix together in a geological phenomenon called subsidence. The sinking of the ground below the sea level creates a spectacular floor and you can see goldfish swimming in the crypt of the church.

However, August is coming, the last month of summer. Oh come on! Don’t be sad, smile! Don’t worry! Your holidays are almost here!

How many days of break? Ten maybe?

Look at the bright side of the situation- no more stress, fresh air, a lovely place where you can chill out. Instead of rushing around to see all the attractions the place offers, take your time and add some music to your summer evening.

Are you wondering where?

You are so close. Just take a step back, open your eyes, look around you, listen carefully. There is no trick, the music you’re listening to comes from the 15th edition of Sotto le Stelle di Galla Placidia (Under the Stars of Galla Placidia) music festival.

Now you’re probably asking how much it costs: good question, my friend. You are very lucky because it’s a free event!

What’s happening?

Come closer my friend, no one is gonna bite you. Come closer and you will see people dancing, having a wonderful time in front of Saint Francisco Church. Yep! You’re right, the special church with subsidence.

Hey! What are you doing? Don’t leave, give it a chanceit’ll be worth, trust me.

Ravenna-galla-placidiaNow you’re looking at your watch, eighteen bright hands moving all together out of sync and suddenly you know that Ravenna will be chacterised by dances and music from the 3rd to the 24th of August.

Stop by even if for a second and discover a new band!

Remove your earphones and remember that every Tuesday and Friday from 9:15 pm on you’ll feel a music fever. You’ll fly across the Argentinian pampas, drink beer on the hills of Connemara, you will be charmed by the mysteries of the Balkans or you’ll just taste the sweetness of Italian notes.

How could you say no?


Friday, 3rd of August

Mediterranean Ensemble

Tuesday, 7th of August

La Boheme in Jazz

Friday, 10th of August

From the Opera to the musical

Tuesday, 14th of August

The Ligurians, traditional Italian music

Friday, 17th of August

Filippo Malatesta, U2 interpretation

Tuesday, 21st of August

Novafonic Quartet, tango

 Friday, 24th of August

Homage to Lucio Dalla


Well, my job is done! See you there!


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