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Sicilian Wines- First Edition of Etna Torre Wine

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Sicilian Wines in Torre Archirafi: capital of Sicilian taste and excellence is proud to present the first edition of Etna Torre Wine!

Enhancing the territory through its excellent products- this is the mission statement of Etna Torre Wine, a food and wine event scheduled for July 19, 20 and 21 in the Palazzo Vigo in the seaside village of Torre Archirafi, in the district of Riposto, Catania.

“It is an important event that renews the tradition of Riposto – comments the mayor – because this city was an important center of wine production and trade. We’re going back to our ancient values ​​but with a modern twist. It will be a wonderful event for the tourists who flock to our city to showcase our excellence. ”


The three-day event promises to be full of entertainment as well. “Etna Torre Wine plans to showcase the leading food and wine products of Sicily. The locals will rediscover them and the tourists who frequent the area will learn about them for the first time,” explains Giuseppe Strano, president of Agriturist Sicilia. There will be a preamble on 12 July with a seminar on Riposto and its history, in particular on the wine trade between 1800 and 1900. And then there will be a tasting and a seminar on ancient Sicilian grains.


We will then move on to the heart of the event, the following week, between 19 and 21 July, with a series of meetings organized by the Onav and the Etna Wine Routes, with wine tasting representing both Eastern Sicily and Western Sicily. There will of course be no shortage of typical, local products like olive oil from the Consorzio Dop Monte Etna and honey from the Catania association of honey producers. And then there will be tastings of sheep, goat and cow’s milk cheeses from eastern Sicily.


Typical Products

Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy local niche products, such as cheeses and honey, thanks to the support of the Dop Mount Etna Consortium and the APAC, Catania provincial beekeepers association. The Dop Mount Etna oil represents excellence for the characteristics of the volcanic soil and for the climatic aspects. Olive oil, cheeses and ancient grains will be paired along with wines. The local wines have been extremely successful but the oil is gaining momentum as well.

Honey is also one of the products known for its excellence in the Etna area. “We are in an area where there is a very high concentration of beekeepers,” explains Fabio Marino, president of Apac, “It is probably the highest concentration at a national level. ” Between 17% and 20% of the national honey production comes from this area.


Sicilian Wines

Many tastings are scheduled, thanks to the collaboration with the Onav, National Organization of Wine Tasters, and with the Etna Wine Road Association. The program will include numerous wine tasting events, including sparkling wines, Grillo and Marsala.

This event also includes tasting workshops to help visitors recognize quality and how to taste them properly. Various experts in the field will be present. The Etna Wine Route will also participate in the event representing the various producers in the area.

The event will be plastic free! All the materials used will in fact be biodegradable and recyclable.