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It’s time to start thinking about your winter holiday and getting your skis, snowboards, jackets, and boots ready! All you need is the perfect destination and we think we’ve found it in the Alps of Tarvisio in northern Italy’s Friuli Venezia Giulia region.


This paradise lies in the most eastern part of the Alps. Tarvisio and its Mount Lussari are surrounded by a myriad of colors of the Julian Alps’ unspoiled nature and by postcard-worthy views. The mountain is also famous for its sanctuary, which has been a destination of Marian pilgrimages for centuries, as well as a popular skiing destination.


Why Choose Tarvisio?

There are countless reasons: first of all, Tarvisio, unlike other ski resorts, is uncontaminated. The little houses seem to be out of a fairy tale and are built respecting the morphology of the mountain landscape. Various resorts and hotels ensure maximum comfort (and are within reach of all budgets), the cuisine is delectable, and the numerous and well-maintained ski slopes and ski pass rates are superbly competitive.

The Slopes

With about a 1000 m difference (1756 m summit and 754 m in the valley), Tarvisio’s 30 km of slopes will delight alpine skiers of all abilities. For the beginner, 4% are designated green or “easy”, 32% are blue slopes, 44% are red runs for the intermediate, and 20% are black runs for the most advanced downhill skiers. The “Di Prampero” run connects Monte Lussari to the valley floor (and offers 4 km of descent with an impressive drop of almost 1000 meters) and “ski by night” under the stars twice a week.

Cross-country skiers can also enjoy the beauty of Tarvisio’s mountains with 60 km of slopes and hiking trails in Carinthia and Slovenia. On the other hand, freestyler snowboarding enthusiasts will find an amazing run suitable for all levels. The run is equipped with numerous rails (4, 8 and 16 meters), kickers (or ramps) and boxes (1, 3, 6, 10 and 14 meters).

There’s also an alternative for those non-skiers wanting to spend their holidays in the mountains. The International School of Mushing offers visitors (no experience necessary) the unique experience of mushing through one of the most beautiful paths in the Alps in the company of beautiful, Siberian Huskies! Thrilling!