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Looking for an adventure? Have you ever thought about snowshoeing with highly qualified personnel on the mountain massif of Matese in the Molise region. These excursions allow you to fully engage with nature as you snowshoe through the silent woods. 

Immerse yourself in Matese’s pristine nature as you walk along snow-covered trails discovering wild animal tracks and breathing in clean air. You’ll be left with a pleasant feeling of well-being and gratification.

Snowshoeing actually burns more calories than running, walking or skiing! In fact, you’ll burn about 25% more than a simple walk.

Tourist with snowshoes

We recommend wearing comfortable boots or waterproof trekking shoes. You’ll need waterproof leggings as well to prevent the snow from getting in your boots. You’ll want to dress in layers so that if need be, you can remove excess layers. Of course, you’ll need a hat, warm gloves, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Night snowshoeing, organized by the Hotel Lo Sciatore in Campitello Matese, is really impressive. It includes drinking hot chocolate in a clearing among the fir trees under the moonlight and starlit sky. 



Hotel Lo Sciatore (3 stars) in Campitello Matese is also equipped with a wellness center. Located in San Massimo (Campobasso province).

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