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Eight kilometers of golden, sandy beaches and forty fully-equipped bathing establishments provide everything you need to enjoy the sun (and rest in the shade) in the middle of the beach. We’re referring to Lignano Sabbiadoro– an Adriatic coastal city in the Udine province in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

It is a place of a thousand faces, that of Lignano. A place that is suited for comfortable family holidays in the many apartments to be rented to luxury in its amazing hotels complete with a dedicated beach and embellished with elegant gazebos and chaise lounges. In Lignano, pleasant strolls in the evening while enjoying a gelato or delicious seafood dinner are the order of the day. Or maybe you’re the camping type enjoying a game of bocce or cards on the balcony in the coolness of the pinewood.


Where the Summer Never Ends

On the shores of Lignano Sabbiadoro, the summer seems to never end and there is always an excuse to stay. Establishments that rent beach umbrellas, deck chairs, sunbeds, and cabins offer a decidedly wide range of options (from the most affordable to the most exclusive), and in some parts of the coast, you are allowed to bring your own (known as spiaggia libera). There are numerous walking paths throughout the area that make the beautiful beaches easily accessible for strollers and wheelchairs.

There is always a bar nearby to quench your thirst with a drink, for a quick meal, or for a legendary mega cone of Lignano’s exceptional gelato. Along the entire beach, sports abound for people of all ages (organized by professional teams) such as: sailing, swimming and surfing.

And as for scheduled events, Lignano has an edge beyond compare! For complete details, visit Lignano’s official website in English.


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