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The Castle of Celsa is a jewel surrounded by the lush Tuscan hills, in the municipality of Sovicille, province of Siena.

I had the pleasure to visit it several times and I was enchanted by its beauty at various times throughout the day depending on the light and the weather.

The castle belongs to a Roman historical family, the Aldobrandrini, but there are plenty of opportunities for guided tours inside. The castle was built in 1200 and thanks to the ingenious architect Baldassarre Peruzzi, during the sixteenth century, it gained popularity. In this period the owner was the castle’s namesake- the Celsi family. Further renovations were made by Mariani at the end of the 1800s.

The castle has a planimetric shape with an internal courtyard shaped like a trapezoid lined with a wall with three arches. In addition to the castle, visitors can admire a building known as the Limonaia. It is named after the lemon trees that it sheltered during the winter months that still adorn the Italian garden today. The Italian garden with the surrounding park and a circular chapel designed by Peruzzi as well as a barn are all part of the magic of the visit.

The castle is known for hosting weddings in the beautiful sixteenth-century chapel located below the castle.  The lodge and the rooms of the “Barn” can hold wedding receptions, conferences, banquets and other events.

All the buildings are surrounded by beautiful gardens and a walled wood, called the “Rocco“, adorned with a beautiful sixteenth-century fountain. Here you can enjoy a walk or a guided tour.

In addition to the castle, you can also decide to visit the area either on foot or by bike and reach places nearby, such as Ancaiano where Petruzzi was born and the municipality of Sovicille.

Finally, you can just go and discover the surrounding paths and admire the uncontaminated nature that characterizes this area known as Val Merse.

For more information about reserving a tour, visit the official website or call directly 06/6861138 or send an email to cdicelsa@gmail.com.

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