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Sammezzano is the most important example of Eastern architecture in Italy.

The current appearance of the Sammezzano Castle is the work of Ferdinando Panciatichi Ximenes; he transformed and expanded the building between 1843 and 1889.

Ferdinando, influenced by “Orientalism”, began to change the existing structure and built new rooms.

Expert and passionate about botany, Ferdinando also reorganized a large surrounding area of about 65 hectares: the Historic Park. Here you can see the so-called “twin sequoias” over 50 meters high, which are among the “150 trees of exceptional environmental or monumental value”.

The numerous rooms of the Sammezzano Castle, in particular those on the noble and main floor, allow you to take a virtual trip from China and Arabia to Spain.

The mix between Tuscan nature, Moorish-Oriental style and ancient culture is just one of Sammezzano’s exclusive features. The main Moorish elements of the castle are the precious ceramic mosaics, the colourful geometric and vegetal harmonies, but also the suggestive bas-reliefs and the various interwoven arch domes. Outside, the Sammezzano Castle stands out for having a sunny facade and a moonlight one.


Sammezzano is considered private property and the possibility to visit it depends on the availability of the property itself. Those who, like me, will have the opportunity to visit it, will remain entranced.




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