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Eurochocolate: the Chocolate Festival of Perugia

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chocolate-festival-perugia-2017Eurochocolate, the annual festival dedicated to the culture of chocolate, is back in Perugia in all its sweetness from the 19th to the 28th of October 2018.
Created by the architect Eugenio Guarducci in 1993, Eurochocolate is a festival entirely dedicated to the Italian and international chocolate tradition, which every year hosts a large number of chocolate producers, who sell their products in special stands in the old town centre of Perugia. And it really comes in all flavours: from dark chocolate to the white one, from milk chocolate to gianduja, from pralines to boeri (chocolate covered cherry with liqueur), from Baci Perugina (the Italian version of Hershey kisses) to the inevitable Chocokebab! This is precisely why the event attracts thousands of tourists every year, who are satisfied with the sight, aroma and taste of chocolate.

eurochocolate-perugiaAs every year, Eurochocolate sets a theme, and this year is its “Silver Anniversary” as it celebrates its 25th edition. The goal of the organizers is to “retrace the steps that have made this event famous, thanks to the participation of some of the protagonists, national and international, of the chocolate world that have come through Perugia. An important goal, but certainly we will not be imprisoned by the nostalgia of memories,” emphasizes the President, Eugenio Guarducci. It will be an edition with tight rhythms to remember the kilometers traveled since the year 1994, and to envision those that will be done again.

Among the most awaited events, is the Chocolate Sculptures show, that will be held on the first Sunday, during which skilled sculptors will work on a 1 m3 chocolate block to create works that will remain on display throughout the duration of the event. The main attraction of the year, on the stage of the evocative Piazza IV Novembre, will be the maxi box of chocolates standing 4 meters tall, containing 25 assorted treats of real chocolate. An original work to remind you that Eurochocolate is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get!

And as for any self-respecting birthday, there will be a full-blown party. In fact, the special event entirely dedicated to the sweetest anniversary of the year is scheduled for October 23, 2018. For the occasion, all those celebrating their 25th birthdays are invited (beginning now) to write to A special mega-chocolate cake will be dedicated to them at the event!

The festival will also acknowledge all the couples who in 2018 achieved the milestone of being married for a quarter of a century– celebrating the bonds that endure over time, like that of Eurochocolate, the food of the Gods. Eurochocolate World, the special section dedicated to cocoa producing countries, historically sponsored by ICCO, International Cocoa Organization and Fairtrade Italia, also returns. It’s an important opportunity to discover the culture and traditions of the nations involved, also through the consolidated International Summit, cocoa tastings and recreational-educational activities reserved for the most peak

chocolate-sculptures-festival-perugiaEurochocolate  is a totally free event! To enter it, in fact, you don’t need any ticket or special pass, and there is also the possibility to taste different types of chocolate thanks to the free tasting offered at various points in the old town center of Perugia.

But for every self-respecting person with a sweet tooth, buying the ChocoCard is a must. This is an exclusive Eurochocolate service card that entitles you to tasty gifts and discounts, not only for use in the purchase of products on stands, but also at restaurants, bars, museums and other affiliated facilities. Moreover, with the purchase of ChocoCard, you will receive the new official gadget:

Perugia-chocolate-festival-2017If your mouth is now watering, get yourself to Perugia this October and satisfy that sweet tooth!

How to reach Eurochocolate?
The easiest way is to take the Minimetrò to the Pincetto station. The cost of the ride is €1.50.
If you go by car: park near the Pian di Massiano station.
If you go by train: take the Minimetrò from the Fontivegge station, near the train station.
If you go by bus: the driver will leave you in the area of Pian di Massiano, from there you can take the Minimetrò.

eurochocolate-25-perugiaUseful info
The activities are open every day from 9 AM to 8 PM and on Saturday from 9 AM to 11 PM.
The ChocoCard costs €6.00 and you can buy it online from the website of the event, or directly in Perugia in
all the ChocoCardPoints.

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Article written by: E. Mencarelli