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This summer, what could be better than exploring a practically secret, magical village on a hilltop in Lazio? What if this magical village was adorned with giant, colorful murals done exclusively by female artists? This is a real place in the Viterbo province of Lazio and it’s called Sant’Angelo di Roccalvecce.

The entire area known as Tuscia is absolutely enchanting and is where you’ll find other villages like the now-famous “dying city” of Civita di Bagnoregio, Bomarzo, and Vitorchiano as well as Lake Bolsena.


Since 2017, the tiny hamlet of Sant’Angelo has been inviting artists to decorate their historic center with gigantic murals depicting some of the most-loved fairy tales ever written. It has since turned into a true festival that takes place in the summer. 


This year, artist Stefania Marchetto will be adding Cinderella alongside past years’ murals like the Sword in the Stone and Alice in Wonderland. In all, Sant’Angelo boasts some 30 murals throughout the historic center. 

Just 5 minutes away by car is another tiny village called Roccalvecce. Ancient houses made of tuff, a castle, and the atmosphere alone make it a must-see! If you enjoy exploring fairy-tale locations, then also make a stop in nearby Celleno.