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Time. Such a beautiful concept. If you have it – and you are staying in Rome – use it to relax in the green oasis of Villa Borghese. It is a true haven of peace and tranquility. The capital of Italy, full of monuments that recall its history, also offers more “modern” retreats. Villa Borghese is one of these wonderful places.

Next to Piazza del Popolo and just a few steps from Piazza di Spagna and the Galleria d’Arte Antica of Palazzo Barberini, Villa Borghese is one of the most gorgeous and lovely oases in Rome. Perfect for a picnic, a blissful walk along the Pincian Promenade, and a visit to the Casa del Cinema. There are also several museums such as the Galleria Borghese and the Pietro Canonica’s house museum that, alongside the Bioparco, combine science, nature, and wellness.

Reaching the wide terrace from the lateral stairway, next to the fountain of the goddess Roma, you can’t help but gawk at the magnificent Flaminio Obelisk in the middle of Piazza del Popolo. Then, if you shift your gaze to the horizon, the landscape before you will take your breath away. 

An overwhelming sense of nature will surround you as you approach the Pincio promenade. A real must-see! You will not regret it. As a matter of fact, the gardens of Villa Borghese are immense, the largest park in Rome with approximately 80 hectares of land. There are eight separate entrances that lead into the park (the one next to Piazza del Popolo offers the best skyline). A walk here is totally worth your time as you will see the Temple of Diana and the Temple of Aesculapius on the beautiful lake. You can also rent a boat if you wish.

Article by: L. Leoncavallo