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Liguria, a graceful land. The off-season sea, a wonder of nature that takes your breath away, and opens your heart as you rediscover its immensity. This is Alassio, certainly one of the most renowned and prestigious seaside resorts of the Riviera di Ponente, the Italian Riviera.  Loved by tourists in any season of the year for its spectacular views, wide beaches, elegant shops, and its walk of fame. This notorious wall of ceramic tiles holds the names of the most famous television personalities.

The red agave flower. Photo by Stefania Grasso

The agave plants’ red flowers contrast the deep blues of the sea. This long stemmed beauty is typical of the Mediterranean coast and is a common flora of the Ligurian Sea. In Alassio, the landscape and nature are of a poignant romanticism from sunrise to sunset, to the rising of the moon and the stars on the sea. The bay sheltered from the intense wind allows residents and tourists to stroll along the seashore, to savor its sweet scent, to hear the gentle sound of its waves, to discover and admire its immensity and colors. As the summer season approaches, we catch a last glimpse of the beauty and simplicity of the sea in the absence of the crowd of swimmers and tourists. Spring and winter offer wonderful opportunities to appreciate mother nature that surrounds us.


Article and photos byStefania Grasso

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