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The Most Beautiful Crochet Tree in Italy is in Trivento

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There is a really characteristic Christmas tree inaugurated in the central square of Trivento, in Molise. It’s six meters high with a diameter of almost three and a half meters and was made with 1,300 hand-crocheted squares.

Crochet Christmas tree

The amazing project was carried out by a group of Trivento’s women, led by Lucia Santorelli. In the summer of 2018, they made their town the unofficial “capital of crochet”. That August, they laid out a carpet of individually crocheted pieces 640 meters long along the streets of the historic center. 


The crochet tree can be admired throughout the holiday period, until 6 January.

To reach the one-of-a-kind Trivento tree, you will need to visit its charming historic center. The San Nicola staircase has 365 steps that lead to the highest part of the village. Don’t miss one of Trivento’s most important sites, the Cathedral of Saints Nazario, Celso, and Vittore. The town’s most important historical records are kept here along with the Crypt of San Casto, a martyr from the twelfth century. 

trivento-san casto-molise
Crypt of San Casto

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