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The Trentino-Alto Adige region of northern Italy is one of the most sought-after destinations not only during ski season but also in the late spring and summertime. For travelers who love the outdoors, Trentino literally offers endless possibilities for people of all ages. The Novella River Park, or Parco Fluviale Novella, is just one of many spectacular places to visit during your stay.

Trentino’s Val di Non

The park is located in the beautiful Val di Non or the Non Valley about 45 minutes north of the city of Trento and about an hour southwest of Bolzano. This is an ideal part of Trentino to call your “home base” as the sheer number of activities is truly endless. Visitors can experience everything from food and wine tours to hiking, cycling, petting zoos for the little ones, apple farms, horseback riding, lake sports, canyoning, and river rafting- and that is not even a complete list!

Aerial view of Lake Santa Giustina

The Novella River Park

The Parco Fluviale Novella is open between the months of April and November but the best time to visit to take full advantage of the park is between June and August. The astounding deep canyons and gorges that we see today were formed due to two key principles- water and time. 

Activities Within the Park

There are a variety of adventures that await you at the Novella River Park. One of the most popular is kayaking. An experienced guide will accompany you along the river and your ticket will also provide you with all the necessary equipment such as life jackets and helmets. Various options are detailed on the park’s official website and range from a trip from nearby Santa Giustina Lake to the canyons. Generally speaking, the experience is appropriate for children ages 5 and up.

Novella has an elevated walkway making it possible to trek along the river’s pathway and through the gorges in complete safety. There is also an audio guide to accompany you along the way so that you won’t miss any important details about what you’re seeing. 


For the true adventurers among you, canyoning excursions are the way to go! Children as young as 8 years old can participate in the approximately 3-hour, guided trip to the Castelfondo canyon. You will obviously get completely soaked so come prepared. 

Lastly, and especially fun for kids, is the “AlMeleto” trail that takes you on a discovery of the river park’s apple orchards, one of the region’s many specialties. You can either go on your own or hire a guide. 

Whether it’s to admire Mother Nature’s natural erosion process or the park’s apples, any way you slice it, the Novella River Park should definitely be a priority when visiting Trentino’s Val di Non. 

For complete details about opening hours and tickets, visit the Parco Fluviale Novella‘s official website in English. 

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