The Pyramids of Segonzano: Walking Among Giants

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Located on the northern side of the Cembra Valley, the small village of Segonzano not only has a privileged view of the charming terraced landscape of the valley but also the rare geological phenomenon of the Pyramids of Segonzano.

Formed about 50,000 years ago thanks to water erosion on the surface of a glacial moraine deposit, the Pyramids of Segonzano are extremely tall (some reaching 40 meters). They are made of solidified clay conglomerates, sand, pebbles, and porphyry stones. These stones, seemingly placed at the very top of the pyramids, are important for the life of the pyramids themselves. Their weight has made the soil below more compact and protected from rain and other atmospheric agents, thus slowing down the erosion process as compared to the surrounding soil.

The most typical shape of the pyramids is a kind of tower with a porphyry stone on top. This stone resembles a man with a hat and that’s why the locals call them Omeni de Segonzan (Men of Segonzano). Other pyramidal forms present are the crest and tower shape without a hat, which are less resistant and more at risk of deterioration.

There is an easy walking trail that allows you to walk amongst these unusual giants which takes about two hours. The route begins at the car park near the village and takes you through a small valley. Numerous panoramic views await you all along the trail.

This is the perfect outing for anyone who wants to see this strange phenomenon up close and enjoy the solitude of nature.

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