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Maybe you have finally decided to take that dream trip to Italy or maybe, you have already seen all the major art cities and now you’d like to explore some lesser-known areas. How about the Basilicata region in the “toe” of Italy’s famous boot shape? By now, everyone has heard about the fascinating city of Matera, the so-called “city of stones”. Actually, the entire region offers everything from ancient history to stunning beaches to forgotten mountain villages. If you’re looking for the perfect location for your adventure, look no further than the Terrazzo sul Sinni Bed & Breakfast agriturismo in Rotondella, just an hour from Matera.

The Terrazzo sul Sinni Property

This bed & breakfast farmhouse is located in the open countryside just outside of the charming village of Rotondella. In this context, guests will have a chance to experience authentic rural life in Basilicata. The farm itself harvests organic fruit including apricots, kiwi, plums, citrus, olives, cherries, and various grains. There are also farm animals and trails on the property that can be explored either on foot or bike (bike rental available on-site). Throughout the year, the owners also organize various workshops and experiences from making homemade jam harvested directly from the farm to learning about various types of grain.


There is also a playground for the kids and trails that are geared especially for them. And for those warm summer days, there is a swimming pool accessible to all guests.

The Farmhouse Apartments

The Terrazzo sul Sinni offers five apartments, all with fully equipped kitchenettes, and with a variety of standard features including air conditioning and heating. They are fully furnished and accommodate either a couple or a large family, depending on your needs. 

The Restaurant

Breakfast is included with your stay and guests also have the option of dining for lunch and/or dinner at the on-site restaurant. This is a wonderful opportunity to taste classic, regional dishes made from scratch with only locally sourced, high-quality ingredients (many of which are from the Terrazzo sul Sinni farm itself). 


In the Area

As already mentioned, the lovely hilltop village of Rotondella is just a few kilometers away where you can spend a leisurely afternoon walking through its cobblestone streets and enjoying spectacular views that stretch all the way to the Ionian Sea and the Gulf of Taranto. It isn’t called the “Balcony on the Ionian Sea” for nothing!

Speaking of the sea, from Terrazzo sul Sinni, you’ll only be about 20 minutes away from some of the most beautiful shores of southern Italy. Policoro on the Gulf of Taranto happens to be famous for its sea turtle population thanks to the efforts of the WWF and the nature reserve. Nova Siri is another favorite, also on the Gulf of Taranto, and borders the neighboring region of Calabria. 

Heading north along the coast, in just 30 minutes by car, you can be on the famous sandy beaches of Marina di Pisticci. Slightly further north, you cannot miss the Lido di Metaponto which has something for everyone from beach cabanas to great dining. 

While you are in the area of Metaponto, you must visit two of the most famous archaeological sites in southern Italy. This area was once one of the most important cities of Magna Grecia. One of the sites is known as the Tavole Palatine, or the Doric Temple of Hera, which dates to the 6th century BC. Just a few kilometers away is the Archaeological Park of the Urban Area of ​​Metaponto with the remains of several ancient Greek temples. 

matera-terrazzo sul sinni-basilicata

No trip to Basilicata could be complete without visiting the “City of Stones”, the one and only, Matera. It fell under the spotlight after Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ was released in 2004. Then, it was awarded the European Capital of Culture in 2019, and now, post-Covid, it is enjoying tourists from all over the world who want to explore this mysterious, ancient city. 

These are just a few exciting destinations that will be within reach when you stay at the Terrazzo sul Sinni farmhouse. 

Most of all, staying at a rural location like this one, which is family-owned and operated, you will get to experience authentic Italy and it will be even better than you could have imagined.