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Nestled in the hills, I look at the baths, the waterfalls of the mill and the Albegna valley. I am a small and delightful town; my story is ancient because I was born at the time of the Etruscans. Surrounded by the old walls, I have the Florentine door, and the Roman door that is illuminated in the evening. I have my castle, the church dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene and the museum of Etruscan art.

Saturnia-thermal-baths-aerialFrom above, I dominate the thermal baths whose waters are 3,000 years old- a source of health and well-being; natural sulfur rich waters gushing out at 37.5 ° C. Cascading waterfalls provide rejuvenating baths both night and day which are unique in the world.  I boast a rich culinary tradition of homemade pastas, fresh game, and prestigious wines. I welcome tourists from all over the world year round because I have a special micro-climate thanks to the water vapors…

I am Saturnia in Maremma

Saturnia-thermal-baths-film-festivalI also host the:
Saturnia film festival from August 31 through September 2
Saturnia festival from August 19-30



Written by: Monia Tanturli

photo copyrights: at top and cover- Andrea Bocchi