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Along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, among crystal clear waters and the finest sand, is Termoli. This seaside town in the tiny region of Molise is rich in history and traditions. With its 30 km of coastline, today Termoli is becoming a beach holiday destination but that’s not its only attraction. 

©Marianna Busico

The Historic Center

Historical events have left their mark on this area. A walk through the old village offers the opportunity to go back in time. Termoli was part of a defensive system that included a Swabian castle, the symbol of the city, as well as fortified walls and watchtowers.

The old historic center rises on top of a promontory overlooking the sea characterized by piazzas, houses with colorful facades, stairways, flower-filled balconies, and alleys such as the famous “Vico II Castello” (la rejecelle)- one of the narrowest in Europe.

There are two entrances into the old city: one is at the foot of the castle and the other on the port side. From the wall you can enjoy a great view of the entire north coast all the way to Punta Penna (Vasto, Abruzzo), the Majella mountain, and on sunny days, the promontory of the Tremiti Islands (reachable from the port of Termoli).

The cathedral is an important monument of Romanesque art located in the historic center. Inside are the relics of Patron Saint Basso (celebrated on the 3, 4, 5 of August) and co-patron Saint Timothy, to whom the citizens are deeply devoted and attached.

All these traces of the past give the city a cultural richness that makes it unique and special. 


The Sea

The connection between Termoli and its sea is very strong. It’s evident in the aromas, flavors, and people living here. Everything revolves around it: economy, traditions, gastronomy, exhibitions, and events.

The symbol of the seafaring tradition is the “trabucco”, an old wooden fishing dock made up of a platform on the sea with long arms supporting the fishing nets. It represents the history and traditions of seafaring people.

Termoli isn’t all about the past though; there is also a busy, modern city with shops, bars, piazzas, and especially restaurants. In fact, Termoli boasts a culinary tradition of remarkable quality thanks to readily available fresh fish and seafood.

The best season to visit the town is definitely summer!

Seeing is believing and Termoli hopes to see you soon!


Article written by: M. Busico