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The thermal baths in Segesta (Trapani, Sicily) are located close to where the opulent, ancient city of Segesta once stood. It is of course still famous for its temple and ancient theater. The beautiful Gulf of Castellammare, Segesta’s ancient port, and the town of Alcamo are both around 15 km away.  


Curative Waters Since Antiquity

The baths were well known in antiquity. Historically, both Strabone and Diodoro Siculo speak of it, as well as Pliny the Elder, who praised their therapeutic virtues. Even the historian Dionigi di Alicarnasso tells that Aeneas, when fleeing from Troy, left his eldest comrades to benefit from the waters.

The waters that feed the baths flow from a spring 50 meters above sea level and are collected in a natural basin, rich in clay. The springs stay at a constant temperature of 51 degrees celsius

Various thermal spas have sprung up (pun intended) in the area in which you can enjoy various treatments: mud spas, massages, aerosol hydro massages, oxygen therapy, and irrigations. The springs are rich in chlorine, sulfate, alkaline, and the muds are useful for treating rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis, sciatica, uricemia, gout, and skin diseases.

Il Golfo di Castellammare

They are easy to reach by train or car and are less than half a kilometer from the Alcamo railway station and from the Alcamo West tollgate of the A 29 which connects Palermo to Trapani.

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