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Travelers’ experiences are welcome on our magazine website. Who better to advise you on what to see and do in a city than someone who has actually been there? Today, we are going to find out what to do and see in three days in Verona through the eyes of a tourist. 

Romantic Weekend in Verona

Verona is a city to visit at any time of year. During the winter, you can stroll through the magical streets gazing at the lights and shops. During the summer, it’s impossible not to fall in love with its flowered balconies, restaurants with outdoor tables and bars that allow you to enjoy a leisurely aperitivo while gazing at the frescoes of Palazzo Mazzanti in Piazza Erbe. This is also a perfect time to enjoy Verona’s Roman Theater and one of its numerous concerts.


First Day

Verona is undoubtedly the “City of Love” thanks to William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. You can book guided tours ranging from one to three hours of the famous places depicted in the most tragic love story possibly ever written. Verona is also a city that should be visited by purposefully getting lost in the alleyways and discovering its unknown corners.

Piazza Bra is, of course, a must as is the arena. Then stroll along Via Mazzini, window shopping and stopping for ice cream or a delicious crepe with Nutella. Remember to look up along the way at the beautiful architecture towards Via Cappello. Juliet’s House is number 23. Her tomb is on the other side of the historic center, but visiting her balcony is certainly more romantic. Legend states that if you touch the left breast of the bronze statue of Juliet you’ll have good fortune.

Continuing toward Leoni’s Gate (Porta Leoni) you will find a lot of restaurants where you can have a fabulous lunch. After your meal, be sure to visit Piazza delle Erbe with its market, the Madonna Verona fountain, and beautiful frescoes. Continue on to Piazza dei Signori, also known as Piazza Dante for its statue. You won’t be able to avoid passing under the Fracastoro statue at the end of Via Fogge. Fracastoro holds the earth in his hand and it is said that the sphere will fall on the first person who passes underneath it who is without sin (so far, it’s never fallen). 

Looking up, you can see the Lamberti Tower which provides a panoramic view of the center of Verona (nicknamed “The Living Room of Verona”). 


Second Day 

I would recommend starting your day with breakfast in Piazza Duomo. Later, you can try an aperitivo spritz before lunch with a view of Ponte Pietra. You’ll be able to hear the sound of the water and have a view of the Roman Theater on the other side of the river. 

After lunch, I recommend crossing the bridge and visiting the Roman Theater and then walking to Castel San Pietro for a breathtaking panoramic view. You can access it by car, walk along a beautiful path next to the Theater or take the new funicular that will take you directly to the top. There are numerous restaurants in Piazza delle Erbe including Palazzo Maffei, a baroque palace whose top is adorned with six statues of Greek Gods. In 2012, Piazza delle Erbe was awarded the most beloved piazza in the world.


Third Day

On your last day, take a beautiful walk on the Castelvecchio Bridge, visit the museum and go up to the Arsenal on the other side. The “Well of Love” (Il Pozzo dell’Amore) is a romantic stop along Vicolo San Marco in Foro. Its plaque inscription reads:

The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing.

I hope, based on what you’ve read above, that there are more than enough reasons to visit Verona. The rest is up to you.