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This time we want to tell you about our pleasant adventures in Ticino Park (just a few kilometers from Milan). Ticino Park is like home for the six of us and we guarantee that you’ll love it too.

Here, we detach ourselves from the world and we understand that we live in harmony with nature.

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We love nature and we frequently take long walks whether in the woods or along rivers and either on foot or by horseback.
For Nicklaus and Walpi (our dogs) it’s a moment of freedom in which they can explore in the wide open. For Doc and Top (our horses), on the other hand, it’s pure relaxation after a weekend of competitions. For us, it’s our time to completely detach ourselves from the world and live in harmony with our surroundings

In addition, if you walk in silence and, obviously, respecting the woods, you can also come across many wild animals. We usually see gray herons, swans, various birds typical of the park, and once we even saw a badger and a wild boar.

Tips for Your Walk

But let’s talk a bit about our walks.
We always leave from Padregnana in Robecchetto con Induno (to be exact from the De Rosa Quarter Horse stable) and arrive, usually without encountering a single person, in Castelletto Ticino (to be exact at the Bar Ticino) where we can relax along the Ticino River on our favorite beach.

Have you already chosen this destination?

Another destination is Turbigo (to be exact, the iron bridge on the border between Lombardy and Piedmont) where there are many hidden roads and beaches and where we love to picnic in the summer.
If, on the other hand, we have little time, we go around the stables, enjoying nature and crossing the river ford

You really cannot go wrong in Ticino Park because Mother Nature reigns supreme and your four-legged friends will love you for the adventure!

photo copyrights: Fiorella Facchetti

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