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Where are some of the best beaches in Tuscany? From fully equipped bagni (bathing establishments) to spiaggia libera (free beaches), beaches in Tuscany have something for everyone. Here are some of the best you should visit this summer!

Viareggio, Lucca

Viareggio is the closest to Florence and easily reachable via public transport (a regional train leaves each hour from the central station of Florence’s Santa Maria Novella) or by car. It is very famous among local people and you have probably heard about it for its famous Carnevale (Carnival Parade). The beaches are very crowded, but the general atmosphere makes Viareggio totally worth it. Enjoy a day sunbathing while drinking a cocktail at one of the main establishments following a light-lunch at the restaurant. At night, stroll down the lungomare and enjoy the nightlife. There aren’t many free beaches here, so if you are on a budget, make sure to go to Pietrasanta where it’s much more affordable. Otherwise, be prepared to pay for your umbrella and chaise lounge rental for the day or half-day.

Cala Violina

Follonica, Grosseto

Follonica is situated in the province of Grosseto and its beaches are made of fine sand with shallow water. Cala Violina is very popular among the locals and its name comes from a local legend, according to which the sand emits a sound when you walk on it that reminds you of a violin melody. How romantic is that! The beach is only accessible on foot or by bike, therefore you’ll need to leave your car in the parking area and walk for about 1.5 km. Be sure to bring food and water since there aren’t any bars or establishments, just a small food truck with coffee and sandwiches (expensive). Carbonifera beach is located about 5kms from Follonica’s city centre; it is named after the nineteenth century tower which dominates the beach. Once a trading post, it’s now a very “Instagram-friendly” spot. You can leave your car in the large parking area and reach the beach on foot in about 100 meters. The fine sand and the deep blue sea are impressive. In this area there are also plenty of dog-friendly establishments.

San Vincenzo, Livorno

San Vincenzo is located very close to the urban centre which makes it the perfect place for families with children. There are many establishments as well as free beaches. This area has been awarded with the Blue Flag for ten consecutive years since 2006. If you are bringing your dog with you, there are many fully-equipped establishments where your dog will enjoy the warm weather and the sea.

Piombino, Livorno

Piombino is a coastal area very popular among locals and tourists because of its beautiful beaches and the deep blue sea. Although there are many bagni, you can also find many kiosks and bars selling food, water and beach supplies which makes this area very affordable and suitable for every need. One of the best places in Piombino is Nano Verde. Located in the heart of the Natural Reserve of the Sterpaia, Nano Verde is a small, but very organized kiosk offering food, good music and especially fantastic mojitos. This is a “children free” area and although it’s not that easy to find (you need to walk through the entire park to reach it), it is the perfect place to spend a day chilling, drinking and having fun with friends.

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