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Fabulous Tour of Polignano a Mare

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If you are on holiday in Puglia, you won’t want to miss this tour of Polignano a Mare! An expert guide will lead you on a discovery of terraces overlooking the sea and will tell you anecdotes about this small village perched on the sea that happens to be the birthplace of Domenico Modugno (“Volare”).

And at the end of the tour, you’ll enjoy tasting some of the local specialties!


Adults € 35,00
Under 14 free

  • walking tour with expert guide
  • tasting of Polignano’s specialty coffee

You’ll be departing from the Domenico Modugno statue, at 10:00am. Here you’ll also meet your guide, who’ll accompany you during the entire walking tour, which lasts approximately 1 hour and a half.

Payment Method: The Polignano a Mare tour is available every day, except August 15th, December 25th and January 1st for a minimum of 2 people.

The tour must be booked 48 hours before the tour date and purchased in full within 48 hours before tour date.

How to Book: Read the final paragraph and fill out the form below.

Cancellation Policy: no cancellation fee if at least 48 hours in advance

The Tour of Polignano a Mare

tour-di-polignano-a-mareThe tour of Polignano begins in the waterfront area, just in front of the statue of Domenico Modugno, the famous Italian singer-songwriter. In fact, Polignano a Mare is the city that in 1928, gave birth to the author of the song Volare, famous all over the world.

The tour continues with a guided walk through the alleys of the historic center, between historic sites and breathtaking views created by the many terraces overlooking the sea.

polignano-a-mare-poesie-centro-storicoYou will be enthralled by the terraced cliffs of Polignano. The walls, doors and stairs of the historic center of Polignano a Mare are impregnated with poems and poetic aphorisms painted by a Barese transplanted in Polignano who signs “Guido, the Flaneur”.

Another attraction that you can see during the tour of the historic center is La Casa dell’Orologio, a structure that in medieval times housed the university. The particularity of this building is due to the fact that even today, the clock is wound manually by the owner of the house.

At the end of this guided walk, you can taste the local specialty. Polignanese coffee is a mix of coffee, sugar, lemon peel, cream and amaretto- a harmonious combination that is usually served warm in small glasses.

How to Book

To book this guided tour of Polignano a Mare fill out the form below including your mobile number if you wish to be contacted by phone; otherwise, we will email you. If you have additional needs or requests, don’t hesitate to let us know via email at You can also contact us on our Facebook page- we reply quickly!