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“There are no foreigners here, but only friends you have not met yet”: as said by the Irish poet William Butler Yeats (1865-1939); a fitting introduction to the Celtic festival that bears the name of Triskell. It’s like a warm hug or a pat on the shoulder by an old acquaintance that seems to suggest to come and enjoy this festival in Trieste.


It is already the nineteenth time that the Ferdinandeo Grove has been populated with mystical creatures, priestesses of the night of St. John, warriors in kilts, unleashed musicians from all over the world and fair dancers like fairies. And thanks to the work of the Cultural Association that bears the name of the father of the legendary King Arthur (Uther Pendragon), this year the magic is renewed once again. As with every year, there will be traditional Celtic dishes, appropriately themed vendors and stands (drinks , clothes, books, leather goods, tools, jewelry and much more) and above all … free admission!

triskell-irish-band-triesteThe extemporaneous and crazy atmosphere of the Triskell (resembling the Sicilian trinacria) recalls the movement, cycle of events, and ideally connects the material world to the immaterial. The fact is that this International Festival of Celtic Music and Culture has a charm that no one can escape! Its magnetism attracts multitudes of people from all over Europe, as if to satisfy the need for spirituality that everyone hides in the depths of himself and that seems to find fulfillment only here.

An incredible experience happening in the midst of encampments of ancient knights, elves, winged maidens in the context of an entire village kidnapped by the frenetic and inebriating movement of Celtic and medieval music. Craft booths and stands as far as the eye can see of every kind: such as those for making incense with natural products or for constructing magic wands, training camps for children (including Harry Potter and Hogwarts). Not to mention dining while listening to the stories of the ancient bards and stages of Irish dancers, archery, javelin throwing, and the list goes on…

bodypainting-triskell-triesteIt’s a unique experience that’s thematically complete with ancient pagan rites, such as those dedicated to the celebrating the Summer Solstice on Friday, June 21st, and the night of St. John (San Giovanni) between June 23 and 24. For the entire duration of the festival, Celtic marriage celebrations will take place as well as paths of knowledge of the runes, creation of Celtic knots and a Triskell body painting contest!

From Friday, June 21st to Sunday, June 30th, the Triskell Festival opens its gates of the Ferdinandeo grove, and again to quote Yeats, “If what I say resonates with you, it’s merely because we’re branches of the same tree.”

Trieste welcomes you!

For more information including mandatory registration for certain events, visit the official website (Italian only).


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