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Spring is in bloom once again in multi-colored hues of the most beautiful event of the season!

Deep in the greenbelt of southern Sardinia’s Turri, boundless fields full of thousands of tulips await you for the third edition of Tulips in Sardinia. This is a unique event dedicated to this beautiful exhibition of nature.


How Does It Work?

After the previous years’ astounding success, the fields are ready once again to welcome back guests with double the number of tulips as compared to last year- 300,000!

Equipped with a basket supplied at the entrance, guests will be able to take a little piece of spring home with them at the price of €7 (children under 12 are free).

I still have mine, which was given to me as a gift a year ago, and at the dawn of this new springtime, is ready to bloom once again: an amazing pink tulip, a symbol of love, according to tradition.

Easy to care for and beautiful in its simplicity, a tulip is always a perfect gift!


What to See in the Area

The event is ideal for adults and children offering a special occasion to spend time with family, friends or alone in the open air and in touch with nature. Among the scents and colors of flowers, you can enjoy a day of downtime, fun, and photos, or a picnic. Nearby Barumini, the Giara (tableland) of Siddi and the Giara of Gesturi hold Nuragic archaeological sites among the most majestic of Sardinia and are the habitat of the famous Giara ponies. Also nearby is the Mini-Sardinia Park, with its digital planetarium, miniature park, dinosaur park, astronomy museum, nature park, aviary and many other pavilions.

2020 Dates

So starting from February 29th, be ready! The event will be open every day from 9 am to 6 pm for approximately a month, depending on the duration of the blooms, and dependent on weather conditions as well as the number of tulips picked. It’s advisable to come during the first few days of the event in order to fully enjoy the show to the fullest! The date of the end of the event is still to be set.


To receive updates about the event, information and to follow the blooming of the tulips, follow the Facebook page of Tulips in Sardinia or visit the official website of the event!




copyright photos: Facebook page Tulipani in Sardegna