Umbria in Bloom: The Flower Fields of Castelluccio di Norcia

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The Umbria region has always demonstrated its strong bond with nature, deserving the epithet, the “green heart of Italy” and rightfully so. As soon as you start traveling along the Umbrian roads, you can’t help but notice the majesty of the landscape and it won’t take long before you’ll be looking for the first rest stop to take some photos to share with envious friends. Those lucky enough to find themselves in this verdant region between late May and early July will certainly not want to deprive themselves of a show that has fascinated the Umbrians themselves for hundreds of years: the flowering of Castelluccio.


Castelluccio di Norcia: a Rainbow of Colors

Every year, the plateau of Castelluccio di Norcia (province of Perugia) – specifically the Pian Grande and the Pian Perduto – tinges the monochrome of the pastures with colors ranging from yellows, reds, and purples, for all to behold. The lentil, wheat, and sainfoin crops create a rainbow of colors that bloom every year and attract hundreds of tourists from all over Italy.

Photography enthusiasts will prefer the early hours of dawn in order to capture those moments in which, even in the middle of July, the fog still hovers over the fields, creating suggestive and unforgettable images. If you’re not an early bird then you’ll need your hat and perhaps more patience in order to admire the fields in the hottest and most popular part of the day.

©Samantha Bianchi

The top of the plateau is occupied by the characteristic – and, by now, the more touristy – Castelluccio di Norcia. Following the unfortunate earthquake of 2016, most of the residents had to move to safer areas. Four years later, the road to reach the plateau is once again completely paved, thus making the trip to reach the top of the hill a pleasure.

If I could give you some advice it would be to convince someone who has not read this article to drive, so you can gawk at the jaw-dropping views of the beautiful green hills sprinkled with color that will welcome you to this little corner of paradise.




Article by Samantha Bianchi