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Every region of Italy is full of extraordinary villages and hamlets and while they are sometimes similar, each one has its own unique characteristics from its history to its specialty dish. There is one village in the Liguria region that is known for its exquisitely painted doors– over 100 of them to be exact. Let’s visit Valloria!


Just 35 minutes away from Imperia on the Italian Riviera, Valloria makes a wonderful day trip from the coast. It’s also a part of Liguria that not many tourists venture out to see but there are multiple hilltop villages that are totally worth visiting: Apricale, Triora, Dolceacqua, and Arenzano to name a few!


Valloria’s Doors

There are over 145 painted doors throughout this tiny village- each one unique in its own way. They have been painted by architects, artists, and designers from all over Italy and even beyond. The subject matter varies from a highly personal painting of someone’s relative, an homage to the local traditions, or a couple dancing the tango. Each one tells a story.


Meandering through the carruggi of Valloria in search of its doors has been described by some bloggers as a sort of a treasure hunt– almost a childhood adventure.

Some say that the town is falling apart, but it could be considered part of its charm. Like so many places in Italy, it’s perfectly imperfect.

Make sure to…

While you’re here make sure to pick up some local olive oil and cured Taggiasca olives which are produced exclusively in this region. You’ll immediately notice the bright yellow color and intense flavor!

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