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Verona emerges at the foot of Lake Garda, in the heart of northern Italy. A small, discreet old lady, who over the centuries has defended her uniqueness and who today, contemplates her traditions as part of the city itself.


Those who visit the historic center will certainly notice that the majestic Piazza Brà is immaculately cared for and modern businesses are limited to the shop windows, also sober and discreet, inside the ancient walls. We are in the city of Carlo Scarpa where if something has to be restored, it is not masked but must remain, as much as possible, as it was built.

It won’t be difficult to understand the charm and mystery of Shakespeare’s Verona for those who climb the steps of the Roman Theater at sunset. Verona is the city of lovers. Alleys and dark corners distinguish it more than any other city. A den for artists and writers- its history is studded with legends.

And yet, despite the tragedies, damned loves, and praises of restlessness, the Veronese still live in their small habitual dimension. They hardly tolerate the loud noise of the university districts and look suspiciously at all strangers.

If you’re fortunate enough to visit during Carnival, you need to hear the story of the mask of “Madonna Verona“. Inside a piano bar in an alley near Piazza Sant’Anastasia in Via Don Bassi, the owner will undoubtedly have the honor of explaining where “La Madonna Verona” comes from. Go and see her late at night when the wine cellars have already served you the last glass of “Valpo” (Valpolicella) and sent you on your way.

In fact, at the root of such emotion and art, lies the sacred, absolute ritual of the aperitif: the pillar, the evening vespers of the Veronese DOC

Verona-cosa-vedere-cittàYou cannot help but honor the ancient custom at dusk, within the walls of the old city. The cellars are innumerable: all on the ground floor, with a few tables that are barely visible along the way. Around seven o’clock, the Veronese bring their honorable working day to an end and congregate here. In the shadow of their glasses of “Valpo”, they talk about how much they used to harvest in days gone by and illustrate, better than anyone else possibly could, where to best enjoy your drink in Verona.

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