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L’Aquila, the beautiful capital of Italy’s central Abruzzo region, has an infinite amount of culture and beauty to offer to its visitors. Alas, in this particular moment, we’re not able to physically appreciate this deserving city. Fortunately, the Italian Ministry of Culture (MiBACT) has launched a campaign called #laculturanonsiferma which translates to “culture doesn’t stop”. The National Museum of Abruzzo in L’Aquila (MUNDA) is one of the many museums that we can visit virtually from our home!


The museum only recently reopened in 2015 after the terrible earthquake of 2009. It holds a treasure chest of precious art in its rooms which include an archaeological section, an Abruzzese Middle Ages section, an Abruzzese Renaissance section, a Franciscan commission section, a 15th-century section, and a 16th-century section.

There are six rooms in all and among the masterpieces, the collection of Madonnas stands out as among the rarest and most precious in the world. Another notable artist whose works are held within the museum is Saturnino Gatti, who has been recognized as among the best artists of the Italian Renaissance and some believe, on par with Raphael.

Click here for the virtual tour of the MUNDA Museum.

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