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Genoa’s ancient port represents the fulcrum of the tourist phenomenon and the Aquarium is its beating heart.
If it is true that the area designed and built by Renzo Piano, a Genoese architect known throughout the world, has several accredited attractions for the tourist who decides to make a stop in Genoa, then even more certain is that the Aquarium, one of the most important in Europe for the number and variety of animal species present, has exponentially increased tourism in the Ligurian capital. 

Genoa’s Porto Antico


The old port is close to the center of Genoa which allows visitors to enjoy both areas. The historic center still shows signs of its medieval past with its stunning palaces and churches.

Today, the whole world has finally come to know Genoa’s infinite beauty and riches. 

The Aquarium

Conceived in 1992, on the occasion of the 500-year anniversary of the discovery of America and inaugurated the following year, the aquarium offers its visitors an experience like no other: a sensation of coexisting in the water with the most diverse marine animals. It’s a feeling that stays with you even after the visit because it affects the heart and soul of all those who want to indulge in this unforgettable experience.
In the Grande Nave Blu (“Great Blue Ship”), the dream of actually touching the fish becomes a reality with careful attention to respecting the marine life.


At the Aquarium, familiarization with dolphins becomes a reality; the nicest and most sociable inhabitant of the seas is at hand. Visitors learn about turtles, walrus seals, and even penguins and their unique social practices.

A very different experience is the shark tank where its residents tirelessly travel through the available space with their unmistakably severe, and even a little sinister physiognomy. Most observe the shark in silence because they demand our respect as they elegantly and stealthily cut through the water. Other areas of the aquarium are filled with shouts of joy, delight, and awe by visitors of all ages. For complete details and ticket information, visit the official website: Acquario di Genova.


In the old port area, there are all kinds of restaurants to suit every desire. You can try Ligurian and Genoese specialties as well as the more traditional Italian cuisine. Or maybe, you’ll just want to grab a quick espresso or a cappuccino to give yourself more time to visit the city. 


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