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prosecco-valdobbiadene-lands-vineyardsThe vineyards of prosecco and cartizze are located in a relatively small part of the northern Treviso province. The vineyards stretch between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, one hour from Venice and not far from the Veneto Dolomites.

This area, characterized by ancient villages, castles, aristocratic villas and history, maintains a deep relationship with the population that inhabits it. A relationship made of traditions and love for the fruits of the land – first, and foremost, its wine – to be offered with pleasure to visitors just as it has been since 1200.

Marca gioiosa et amorosa is the characteristic name given to Treviso as early as 1200.

La pianura in lontananza

“Joyful and loving nobility” the term was born in the twelfth century to define the territory that extended around the city of Treviso and was a constituency of the Holy Roman Empire ruled by a Marquis, hence the name Marca. It was also called Marca gioiosa et amorosa because it was prosperous and hospitable, welcoming poets and troubadours and open to knightly feasts. Even today the whole province of Treviso is defined as La Marca. The Piave River divides the Marca Trevigiana into two: on one side of the river the great flat plain, full of houses and industry and on the other, the Alpine foothills of Treviso. Walking through these hills, which alternate between steep and gentle slopes, we see in the distance the plain where the river Piave flows, and also the dramatic stage of World War I and  Austro-German front following the Caporetto route. The castles and ancient houses of the area still show the signs.

Touring the San Salvatore and Collalto Castles

prosecco-valdobbiadene-castle-san-salvadorCastle of San Salvatore

Taking advantage of a wonderful day in the end of October, I walked the path between the Castles of San Salvatore and Collalto.

Susegana, the lovely starting point for this pleasant excursion, is known because of the Counts of Collalto – probably of Lombard origin – who built their castles on the surrounding hills.

The Castle of Collalto was badly hit during the 1st World War and only the tower remains. While the Castle of San Salvatore, despite having suffered serious damage during the Great War, has been completely recovered and offers wonderful guided tours, receptions and cultural events.

Still visible are the remains of the walls, the tower and the main door with the coat of arms of the Collalto family.

valdobbiadene-prosecco-castleA beautiful road lined with ancient cypress trees runs along the walls of the Castle and offers a wonderful view of the network of vineyards that develops in the territories below.

Proceeding on the walk, the road becomes a dirt path (quite steep) and opens onto vast meadows dominated by yellow farmhouses, characterized by two horizontal red stripes painted along the top. These stripes identify them as belonging to the Collalto family. That’s why they are called Collaltine houses.

The purpose of the walk is to reach the village of Collalto, dominated by the castle tower, or what remains of it.

collalto-prosecco-valdobbiadeneJust outside the village, you can stop for a well-deserved bite at a characteristic restaurant!

To return to Susegana you can follow an alternative path that forms a ring with the one described above.

I advise you to plan a trip to this area during the autumn when the air is crisp and the colors of the vineyards and trees are truly amazing!

Guided tour of the Castle of San Salvatore

The Castle of San Salvatore can only be visited on certain occasions. One of these is the “Vino in Villa” event organized by the Wine Consortium. 


Photo copyrights: C. La Rocca

Photo Collaltina house: www.caasa.it