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The future is now at Cinecittà World with the arrival of the first “flying” cinema 3.0!

The fascination of flight has always been one of the most ambitious dreams of humanity to which even Leonardo Da Vinci dedicated most of his life. Now, we can see the world as he saw it thanks to the efforts and synergy of Italian, German and American companies, which have revolutionized the traditional concept of cinema.


Il Cinema VolanteVolarium” has finally landed in Italy. Channeled by the engineering spirit of da Vinci, who was consumed by the secrets of flight, and whose studies were inspired by the wings of birds along with the logic of air currents. The hints nature revealed allowed him to theorize the principles of aerodynamics and to give us a series of tools achievable with the right mechanics, including the parachute.

At the Cinecittà World theme park, a perfect combination of cinema and technology has led to the creation of an impressive flying theatre full of special effects. The first of its kind in Italy and second in Europe, it will lead visitors, suspended at over 10 meters high, on a soaring adventure above the works of Leonardo and 16th century Florence. You’ll experience emotions never felt before as you sail into the past on a journey of Artificial Intelligence and D.I.O. (Digital Intelligence Officer) special effects.

Your adventure begins on the ground, inside a mega supercomputer. You’ll be in the presence of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence of our time as it guides you through the secrets of the special effects of cinema- D.I.O. A futuristic elevator will lift you up to the level of the cinema to an electro-hydraulic platform that juts out in the great theatre. In front of you, the immense 25-meter concave screen with 4K projections will envelop you and literally immerse you into the scene. Hence the feeling of flying, thanks to the 6 axes of movement (DOF) and the amazing special effects (air, water, scents).


At the cinema, the spectator is limited to a stationary armchair, while the scene around him moves. With Volarium, however, the viewer flies and moves along with the viewpoint of the camera (POV).

Volarium’s opening ceremony and inauguration will take place on May 18th at 10.30 am. The athletes of the Lazio Parachuting Company will descend from the sky to welcome the numerous guests with their breathtaking performances.

Volarium is located in the Adventureland area inside the Cinecittà World adventure park.


For complete details and hours of operation, please visit the official website.



translated text adapted from: Ufficio stampa e comunicazione – www.federicarinaudo.it