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roccascalegna-wedding-event-abruzzoHave you always dreamed of celebrating the most important day of your life in a fairy tale like setting? Perhaps you’ve envisioned a place far out of reach of the average “passerby”; a place unchanged over the past 500 years. Perched on an impossibly jagged cliff and seemingly suspended in mid-air, there before your eyes, is the majestic Castle of Roccascalegna. The once well-kept secret of the Abruzzo region has been recently enjoying some well-deserved publicity thanks to numerous articles being published in the last few months.

This castle is everything you may have read and more. It is in an isolated area of the Chieti province in Italy’s Abruzzo region. The Majella National Park and the Apennine Mountain Range guard the village of Roccascalegna and its castle; or perhaps, it’s the other way around. On clear days, you’ll have spectacular views of the Adriatic Coast (Trabocchi Coast) to the east.


Important Details

Due to its altitude and weather conditions, the best months for hosting weddings, or visiting, are late spring and early summer or early fall.

roccascalegna-castle-events-weddingsThis fairy tale setting is not for the faint of heart (literally and metaphorically). The climb up to the castle requires trekking shoes and a wedding dress that will not be dragging a long train behind it. The castle itself, while beautiful, does contain a torture chamber with ancient torture devices as well as underground dungeons that hold some dark secrets and legends such as that of the evil Baron Corvo de Corvis.


Your Event

The City of Roccascalegna, its mayor, Domenico Giangiordano, and its pro-loco association are at your service when it comes to promoting events at their castle and in their town of under 1,500 residents. They will even arrange public transport for you.

abruzzo-roccascalegna-castle-eventYou can rent this castle for the occasion of your choice- weddings, cocktail parties, birthdays, business conventions- for just 100 euro! They will also assist you with setting up catering with the best local food imaginable to impress all your guests. A traditional, local menu boasting delicacies such as meatballs with pecorino cheese and egg, specialty pizza, grilled lamb skewers, and scrippelle abbruzzesi

The official website is in Italian only, but we at dooid will be happy to assist you in booking your lodgings.

You and your guests will create a memory that will last a lifetime and become another page in the history book of the Roccascalegna Castle!