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If you’re wondering what to do in Sicily, look no further than Messina. A clear sky, bright sun and a shimmering sea is the premise for a summer to be enjoyed on the beaches of Sicily. Messina is the perfect destination  for those who want to spend their holidays relaxing, and for those who prefer to combine relaxation and fun.

Capo Peloro

Capo Peloro is on the north-eastern tip of Sicily where the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian sea meet. It’s a spacious beach, with transparent waters and an enchanting view of the Strait of Messina. It’s a wonderful setting to spend a pleasant day.

Messina also offers other beaches that overlook the unmistakable waters of the Strait: north of the city, there is the Ionic stretch that offers various bathing sites with the same charm.

what-to-do-sicily-messinaIf you’re exploring the southern part of the city, after doing some shopping at Tremestieri, you can refresh in the waters of the Santa Margherita area.

If you want to change landscape, the Tyrrhenian coast offers a different perspective for a beautiful sunset.

Whatever your choice, you will certainly not be disappointed by this enchanting region. You can spend the day on the section of beach that you have claimed with your umbrella and beach towels, or rent a chaise lounge at a private establishment. You’ll want to visit the historic center of Messina. The cathedral and bell tower are true architectural masterpieces!


If you’d like to try something more adventurous, you can book a fishing excursion that will take you out with local fishermen- master swordfish fishermen- on boats that you’ll only find in the Strait- the felucca. You can fish with the pros and also enjoy the fruits of your labor.

what-to-do-sicily-sunset-messinaWhen the sun goes down, you can enjoy a gelato and stroll along the promenade or around the lakes of Ganzirriand then dine on the fresh catch of the day. The city offers various culinary opportunities; why not try the traditional Messina focaccia, or let yourself be tempted by the famous arancini?

Why not do it all?

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photo credits: (photo 1) commons.wikimedia.org ;(photo 2, 3) Marica Santoro 

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