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What to Do in Trieste this Summer: TRIESTE LOVES JAZZ

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trieste-jazz-lovesA border town that fell in love with jazz. Not only is there central-European and Austro-Hungarian nostalgia in Trieste, but it seems that there has been a true revival of great music here. The Piazza Unità d’Italia will host Iron Maiden on July 17th, Steven Tyler the 18th, and David Byrne on the 21st. The Castle of San Giusto will host Eugenio Finardi on July 27th. The twelfth edition of the jazz festival “TriesteLovesJazz” will bring over 25 amazing concerts to the heart of the city to entertain thousands of fans in Piazza Verdi, the Castle of San Giusto and the Molo Audace from July 1st through August 12th.

The TriesteLovesJazz is already underway and creating quite a buzz. It’s sponsored by the Casa della Musica / Scuola di Musica 55 and the patronage of the Municipality of Trieste.


A statement from the guest of honor Vinicio Capossela can only confirm it, since the beloved singer has made it known that he is happy to be “in one of the most important seaside cities, birthplace of so many amazing artists.”

The atmosphere is nothing short of electrifying especially in the central Piazza Verdi, where the heat of the summer afternoons finds refuge among the virtuosissime arms of the musicians rehearsing. The musicians are received with loud applause and an enthusiastic reception that, in all honesty, is quite unusual for the locals. For the first time ever, the multi-instrumentalist Mauro Ottolini and his group of musicians presented an entire repertoire of sounds made from fifty shells from all over the world, accompanied by conventional musical instruments, but also by curious alternative sounds such as washing machine drums, and waste bins.

The complete program, while unquestionably highlighted with “local” talent, is also enriched with world-famous names- a sign of the city’s global involvement.

Here are the dates and artists of this magnificent journey through the notes of great jazz:

10 July: Huntertones (Piazza Verdi, 9.00 pm)

11 July: Franco Russo Award and following The Enema Bandits play the music of Frank Zappa

(Piazza Verdi, starting at 21.00)

July 12: Sarah Jane Morris “Soul for the Soul” (Piazza Verdi, 9.00 pm)

July 13: Musical “N” Jazz (Piazza Verdi, 9.00 pm)

July 14th: Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles (Piazza Verdi, 9.00pm)

July 15: Green Orchestra “Beatles Today” (Piazza Verdi, 9.00 pm)

July 16: Neil Angilley Trio (Round Bastion at the Castle of San Giusto, 9.00 pm)

July 23rd: Lelio Luttazzi evening (Piazza Verdi, 9.00pm)

12 August: Concerro all’Alba / Sunset Concert (Molo Audace, 04.50 am)

loves-trieste-jazzWith the fundamental contribution of real musical institutions from Germany and Slovenia (while not neglecting the one, not less significant, of the Giuseppe Tartini Conservatory of Trieste) much credit goes to the artistic director of the event Gabriele Centis for having brought more than 120 musicians to Trieste. The result is “a heterogeneous container and indeed increasingly open to the most diverse musical expressions that jazz welcomes in itself”, as he said. He points out ,”without forgetting the ‘historians’ and indispensable strengths that have characterized the TriesteLovesJazz in these years, from the inevitable and beloved homage to Maestro Lelio Luttazzi, the greatest emblem of the swing of the’ 900 Trieste (July 23 in Piazza Verdi), up to the Franco Russo Prize for the young talents of regional and national jazz .”

Trieste welcomes you to experience this deeply moving jazz festival!

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